Sepolia Testnet

Contract Source Codes

Usage Terms

At Etherscan we have a moral, ethical and legal obligation that all contract source codes (a.k.a. end user data) provided to us (1 ) are only used within the scope of the services we provide and (2 ) their usage governed in accordance to our general terms of service.

Source code verification provides transparency for end users interacting with smart contracts. The source code verification service at Etherscan provides contract authors or owners an opportunity to publish this information transparently and publicly.

  1. Our fundamental ethical principles

    1. We fully respect the author's right to ownership and the author (or copyright holder) of the source code "owns" the code.
    2. We will NOT 'sell' user data (which includes contract source codes) whether in exchange for monetary, benefits in kind or "threats of any kind".
    3. We will NOT provide un-ethical bulk data dumps or lists of any kind of user submitted data.
  2. Acceptable use policy for contract source codes

    1. Diffrerent source codes would most likely have different copyright and usage terms.
    2. We ask that you respect the rights and work of the original author (or copyright holder) of the source code at all times.
    3. Where applicable, you are solely responsible for obtaining the necessary permission to (re)use, (re)publish or (re)distribute the source code from the original author (or copyright holder).